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Sedation Instructions



  • Do not EAT anything, for 6 hours, before your appointment or your surgery may be cancelled. Clear water is allowed for up to 3 hours before surgery

  • Do not wear any of the following:

    • Contact Lenses

    • Tight fitting clothing

    • Make-up, hair pins, or jewellery

  • Under no condition can you drive yourself home. You require a responsible adult to take you home. Taxicabs are not acceptable unless accompanied by another responsible person



  • Do call our office 604-273-5655 if you have a COLD or COUGH. We may reschedule your appointment in your better interest.

  • Do have someone come to pick you up after your surgery. Or, bring their telephone number so that we may call them when you are ready to go home. 

  • Do have a responsible adult at home who can assist you and help take care of your needs. 

  • Do wear a blouse or shirt with short sleeves and front opening.

  • If you take routine oral medications, please check with our staff prior to your surgical date for instructions.


Thank you for taking the time to follow these simple and important instructions!

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